BlackBerry Curve 8530 8520 - Troubleshooting: Browser

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Troubleshooting: Browser

No browser is available on my device

Depending on your wireless service plan, this feature might not be supported.
Verify that your BlackBerry® device is connected to the wireless network.

I cannot set up automatic synchronization for bookmarks

If encryption for data in the device memory is turned on, you cannot set up automatic synchronization for bookmarks.

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Turn on encryption, 120

I cannot play a song or video on a web page

Your BlackBerry® device might not support the size or file format of the song or video file.

I receive a prompt to switch browsers when streaming a song or video

If you receive a prompt to switch browsers, you cannot stream songs or videos with the browser configuration that you are using. If you switch
to the WAP Browser, extra fees might apply. For more information, contact your wireless service provider or administrator.

To stop receiving this prompt, in the browser options, click General Properties. Clear the Prompt Before Switching to WAP for streaming
media check box.

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