BlackBerry Curve 8530 8520 - Extend battery life

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Extend battery life

Try performing the following actions:

Set your BlackBerry® device to turn on and turn off automatically.

Charge your device regularly.

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Power, battery, and memory


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Keep your battery connections clean. Every few months, use a cotton swab or dry cloth to clean the metal contacts on the battery and the

Set backlighting to remain on for a shorter period of time and lower its brightness.

Turn off the connection to a wireless network when you are not in a wireless coverage area.

Switch your vibrating notifications to sound notifications or LED notifications, lower the volume of your sound notifications, or select a
shorter ring tone.

Delete the original message when you send a reply.

Send a message to multiple contacts using Add To, Add Cc, or Add Bcc.

If your device has a camera flash, turn off the flash.

Close third-party applications from the application menu when you are finished with them.

Change your browser options for animated graphics so that they repeat less often on web pages.

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