BlackBerry Curve 8530 8520 - Troubleshooting: Security

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Troubleshooting: Security

I cannot download a certificate

If you changed the connection type that your BlackBerry® device uses to connect to the LDAP or DSML certificate server, try switching to the
default connection type.

I cannot unlock my device using my smart card

Try performing the following actions:

• Verify that the correct smart card is inserted in the smart card reader.
• Verify that the smart card is inserted in the smart card reader correctly.
• Verify that you typed the smart card password correctly. You should have received this password when you received your smart card.
• If you use a certificate to authenticate your smart card, verify that the certificate is not revoked or expired.

I cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network or log in to a VPN using a software token

Depending on your BlackBerry® device model, this feature might not be supported.

Verify that the time on your BlackBerry device is synchronized with the network time.

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My device prompts me to make an emergency call when I type a password

If your BlackBerry® device password contains a combination of letters that corresponds to an emergency access number, your device might
prompt you to make an emergency call when you type your device password.
To continue typing your device password, press the Escape key.

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