BlackBerry Curve 8530 8520 - BlackBerry basics shortcuts

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BlackBerry basics shortcuts

Depending on the typing input language that you are using, some shortcuts might not be available.

To move the cursor, slide your finger on the trackpad.

To move back a screen, press the Escape key.

To return to the Home screen, when you are not on a call, press the End key.

To view more applications on the Home screen, press the Menu key.

To open a menu in an application to access options and available actions, press the Menu key.

To move to a list item or menu item, type the first letter of the item.

To select a highlighted menu item, press the Menu key.

To select or clear a check box, press the Space key.

To view available values in a field, press the Alt key.

To switch applications, press and hold the Menu key. Click an application.

To lock the keyboard, on the Home screen, press and hold the asterisk (*) key. To unlock the keyboard, press the asterisk (*) key and the
Send key.

To switch between the active notification profile and the Vibrate notification profile, press and hold the Q key.

To delete a highlighted item, press the Backspace/Delete key.